RamaYana Water Park, PATTAYA, Pattaya - Chonburi
Tour name : RamaYana Water Park, PATTAYA
Tour type : Sattahip
Start point : Pattaya - Chonburi
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Tour Package : RamaYana Water Park, PATTAYA
Tour Type : Sattahip
Start Point : Pattaya - Chonburi
Land Transfer : Included and Not included
Entrance fee
Child under 2 yrs. free
Full day tour
Land transfer round trip
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For reservation call: 086 5541515 | Mon - Fri 08:30 - 20:00 hrs. | Sat - Sun 09.00 - 17.00 hrs.
e-Mail: booking@khonthaitour.com
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  Ramayana Water park Ticket Only 1,190
  Ramayana Water park Ticket + Transfer 1,490
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 “More Than Thailand’s biggest & unique waterpark”

v Beauty Quality Relaxation

v “The Oasis amidst the beautiful valley in North Pattaya.”

v Happiness never ending

v Release & Fly Free of yourself

v Peace Calm & Cool

v Escape from the urban chaos!


·         Thailand’s biggest waterpark

·         + 100 Rai / 18 ha

o   21 slides

·         some totally unique, from thrilling to relaxing

o   50 attractions

·         record double wave pool, lazy wavy river,

·         kids’ zones,…

o   More than a waterpark

·         Floating market, ancient city, elephants, dining, cabanas,

·         labyrinth, river walk,….

o   Amazing location

·         Thailand’s nature at it’s best

o   Safe to use

·         only premium quality equipment, drinking water from own wells

o   Affordable

·         Entrance + Dining

Thailand’s biggest waterpark :

·         With more than 100 Rai / 18ha /

·         45 acres, RamaYana will be

·         South East Asia’s biggest waterpark.

        3x bigger than Cartoon Network

·         Amazone

        5x bigger than Vana Nava

        Capacity of 7.500 visitors daily or

·         2.5 million per year

Our water slides:

·         RamaYana Waterpark offers 21 of the biggest, best, most exhilarating rides, including 4 that guests will find nowhere else in Asia.

·         Our slides vary from extreme thrills to gentle swings – catering to all different tastes.

·         Guests can ride as much as they want, as often as they want – once they have purchased the great value entrance ticket all the rides are free, all day long!

Our water slides:

·         The Ultimate… Aqualoop and Freefall Riders experience zero gravity of 2g – out of the exciting start capsule. Daring, heart-thumping…yet, completely safe.

·         Uniquely RamaYana’s… Aqua-Coasters, Python One of the longest rides in the world, and a unique set-up of weaving the waterslides right through each other. Can only be found in RamaYana

·         Unmissable…The Boomerango A 2-people tube is being launched up the almost-vertical wall Screams are guaranteed!.

·         The Challenge.. Mat Racer Riders pick a mat, choose one of 4 lanes and challenge their friends in a head down race!

·         Gently does It… Serpentine, Spiral and River tube Gentler options (though still exciting!) with wide turns before reaching the safety of the splash pool or the lazy wavy river… also a unique feature od RamaYana

Our attractions In the water

·         Double wave pool Record size with 140m beach – softer and stormy waves.

·         Lazy Wavy River Guest float down 650m of the Lazy Wavy River for a 40minutes ride, experience waves to shake them, bubble areas, waterfalls and geysers to splash and soak. Along the way are ruins of the ancient city and the mystical sculptures from the long-forgotten past in the Grotta cave - a real highlight!

·         Relax and Activity Pool Jacuzzi pool with integrated bar or 60m long activity pool for exercising or games

·         Aquaplay A unique play area for kids with slides, splashes and climbing

·         Aquasplash A unique splash area for the very small children – but all will love getting wet there.

Our attractions on Dry Land

·         Floating Market Guests experience typical Asia and get fresh fruits or juices out of boats cruising on the natural lake.

·         Magic island A natural island with fruit and herb trees and the iconic “Mini Bayon” island – perfect for pictures or kids to explore the caves

·         River Walk offers a gentle stroll along the banks of the natural river, within the sights and sounds of the natural tropical rainforest and unveils the secrets of Asia at its best. Guests can relax in a typical Thai river hut.

·         Maze An exciting walk through the maze, a labyrinth made out of trees. It takes a while to get to the center and to find the way out again.

·         Elephant symbolizes Thailand more than any other animal, and visitors can feed them their favourite bananas - a fabulous photo opportunity.

·         The stage in between the double wave pool will be the venue for entertainment, like Thai culture dance or music.

Our Facilities:

·         Private Cabana: Perfect places to chill out – offered in 3 different sizes

·         Lockers to safeguard the guest’s valuables – available in 2 sizes.

·         Towel rental: for guest who don’t want carry their own towels with them..

·         Food & Beverage offering a variety of dishes from around the world and refreshments

·         all top quality and reasonably priced. or even delivered right to guests’ chairs

·         Cashless Payment: Guests top up their wristbands – no need to carry money

·         Massages

·         Free WiFi

·         The Shop: Guests can buy everything they might need to enjoy their day in our park

·         Medical Facilities: 2 permanent qualified nurses available at our clinic for the health & well-being of our guest


Conditions for reservations:

  • Book at least 72 h (shall allow for changes within the first 24 hours after confirmation without the added expense).
  • 50% deposit on bookings.
  • Pay the rest before the departure.
  • Canceled before the 48 hours without charge.
  • Termination of service after 48 hours of the service do not return all deposits.
  • All prices exclude VAT charged.
  • In case of emergency, please call: +669 0571 3887/02 7371644 Fax 02 737 1646.


    You can pay via money transfer service by cash or credit card directly to us and we will send your bill from the office through the driving or by fax at 02 7371646 or email
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